November 20, 2010

The Balancing Act

Many times in our Life we end up screwing up ourselves. We end up saying something like- "Oh my God!!! Damn... I screwed myself :( " So I was pondering on how to avoid such situations.

Well, I think It has one and only one solution- Put your balancing act together. In our life we essentially need to balance between things. We need to prioritize between our goals. We need to learn how to juggle things properly.

As we advance more and more deeper into our life, the no. of responsibilities, the no. of things that we need to take care of keeps increasing. It used to be lesser in our Childhood and increases gradually with our age.

Sometimes we get involved in a particular job so much that we forget everything else. Take for example our studies, some  persons are so studious that they totally forget things surrounding them. While this is definitely good for a student to do so and throw themselves totally in studies but I personally don't appreciate it too much. After all we all are human beings and so we should be concerned about people surrounding us too. So in this case I think there should be a proper balance between the two.

Exactly opposite we have another situation in which a student gets diverted towards something other than studies (which of course should be one of his top priorities). Even if it is something for a cause I think there should again be a proper balance between the two.

Similar way as we advance further in the journey of Life, we get even more no. of things to balance our acts between. Job, marriage, children..... all these further increases the need for a proper management, a proper balance between our duties and responsibilities. That's why Childhood is the most enjoyable period, we have no responsibilities so no worries. But these are inevitable cycle of changes and we need to adapt to it.

So now the thing is- how to excel in this balancing act???
Well, I think it all boils down to what our priorities are. So set your priorities right and you will automatically excel in this balancing act :) In different stages of life we have different things to take care of and we have essentially different priorities. But yes, those 'priorities' too will differ person to person depending upon an individuals' perspective and mind setup. But I think if we talk of an ideal, proper, well agreed upon way of living then we will essentially have a common set of priorities for everyone in each stage of life.

So that's the point, learn to prioritize in your life and you will know how to balance between different things and responsibilities in your life.
My Best wishes be with you :)

P.S.- The irony is that I myself have terribly failed in this balancing act and thus suffering now :( :(  In fact my failure in this balancing act was what made me contemplate over this very thing and as a result this post came up.

November 17, 2010


जिंदगी के आईने बहुत से हैं 
आप ठीक से देखो तो इसके मायने बहुत से हैं 

जिंदगी की  पहेलियाँ तो कई हैं ही 
जिंदगी के अफ़साने भी बहुत से हैं 

जिंदगी के हर मोड़ पे कई ठिकाने मिलेंगे
हर ठिकानों पे रुकने को आशियाने मिलेंगे 

जिंदगी के इन्ही किसी आशियानों में अपना भी कोई आशियाना छिपा होगा 
इन्ही किसी आशियानों में अपना भी कोई फ़साना छिपा होगा 

अब बस देखना तो यही है कि उन फ़सानों में तराना कैसा बुनेगा
उम्मीद तो यही है कि वो तराना सुहाना ही बुनेगा

कहते हैं जिंदगी जिंदादिली का ही दूसरा नाम है 
कहते हैं जिंदगी में अपनी मुसीबतों पे भी हसना जिसने सीख लिया उसने जीना सीख लिया 

और जिंदगी के हर पल ख़ुशी नहीं तो क्या 
जिंदगी के हर पल दुःख भी तो नहीं
और फिर जिंदगी सुख-दुःख कि चलती फिरती गाडी का ही तो दूसरा नाम है 

जिंदगी इक पहेली तो है ही 
जिंदगी इक सुहाना सफ़र भी है 

पर क्यूँ ना हम पहेलियों को सुलझाना छोड़ें और जिंदगी जीना सीखें 
खुद भी हसें और दूसरो को भी हसाना सीखें  

क्यूँ कि जिंदगी जीना आ गया तो फिर 
जिंदगी इक पहेली ना होके इक सुहाना सफ़र बन जायेगा 

और फिर जिंदगी इक सुहाने सफ़र का ही तो दूसरा नाम है .....

November 13, 2010

तुमको सोचा तो ये ख्याल आया....

तुमको सोचा तो ये  ख्याल आया....... 
तुमको देखा तो ये ख्याल आया

तुम्हें क्यूँ ना पाया ये ख्याल आया.....
तुम्हें ना पाने का फिर मलाल आया

कुदरत ने जो नायाब बनाया उसपे नाज़ आया....
उस नायाब को पाने का फिर ख्वाब  आया

तुमको सोचा तो ये ख्याल आया....
मन में सोचा तो ये सवाल आया

क्यूँ कुछ ख्वाब, ख्वाब ही रह जाते....
रेत  के घरोंदे की तरह ढह जाते

क्यूँ  कुछ सपने बस सपने ही रह जाते....
आँखें खुलते ही हकीक़त की याद दिलाते

तुमको सोचा तो ये ख्याल आया....

कि बातें कुछ तुम्हारी बस दिल में घर कर जाती...
रह-रह के तुम्हारी याद दिला जाती

यादें तुम्हारी पल-पल मुझे सताती....
इक पल मिलने को उकसाती

पर फिर मन में वही ख्याल आता है...
तुम्हें ना पाने का मलाल आता है

लेकिन दिल में इक आस अभी भी है...
तुमसे मिलने कि प्यास अभी भी है

ख्वाब कैसे भी हों...
उनको पाने कि चाह अभी भी है

सपने कैसे भी हों...
उनके हकीकत में बदलने कि आस अभी भी है

तुमको सोचा तो ये  ख्याल आया.......
तुमको देखा तो ये ख्याल आया
*・゜゚・*:....:*'(**)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

*dedicated to someone special

September 29, 2010

Do INDIANS lack Art of Giving ??

Sometimes I wonder why Indians are so insensitive to the needs of the fellow countrymen. It makes me ponder if we really lack the compassion and empathy that we should have for the needy ones around us.

Having been part of two major fund raising Campaigns I noticed that people don't want to part ways with money even when it's the question of Life or Death for the other fellow Indian. While it's quite natural to be a bit possessive of what you have but I fail to understand why do people don't want to donate even some minimum amount of money for a cause when this can bring a ray of hope for someone's life. 
And though in this post I am talking more of donations, but this applies to other things too be it even devoting some time for a cause or spreading some time for promotion of a cause etc.

People spend money without much thinking on religious rituals and they even give money generously to religious trusts but ask them to donate some money for a social cause and they will give you a stern look as if you are out to loot his money. They just won't like to even hear you and if at all they listen to you then they will make a hundred queries regarding that. I don't imply that they should not inquire about it. I mean, I concede that when a person is giving a particular amount (howsoever little that be), then he has all the rights to inquire about it and ensure its accountability, but at the same time I want to point out the difference in the two cases.

Talking about our elite class whom common men see in high regard and expects to come out with some help, its no better there too. The rich Celebrities, Politicians(good ones), businessmen are all the same. We think they have lots of money, so they would help if the cause gets noticed by them, but its just a big illusion for us. They live in their posh bungalows, and never care for individual cases. Yes, they might be associated with a few NGOs in some cases, but rarely do they come out to help individuals. Some might argue that it might be due to high no. of cases coming to them. But then why can't they spare a little for every few Genuine cases coming there way. And if they feel it unable to help monetarily, then they can help in numerous other ways like by appealing to media, mentioning it on their blogs etc. But no, they just don't turn up with any significant help.

I am really unable to understand INDIANS' lack of empathy and concern for the fellow citizens. Why can't every Indian donate a small part of money for some genuine causes. A student can easily spare Rs 50-100 for saving someone's life and similarly a Celebrity can very easily donate a few thousands for such emergency, genuine causes. But nothing of this sort actually happens. Celebrities donate lacs of money to some famous temple's trust but they won't give a single rupee for such individual causes. Its as if, giving small amount would look demeaning for a person of their stature.

In short, everyone from Celebrities to famous Corporate honchos to the common people are to be blamed for this apathy. Compared to this, our western counterparts are far better. They are far more generous in giving away their wealth for noble causes. This leaves me wondering why we Indians are like this!! Well, I am no expert in this field so I invite you readers to give your opinions on this.
But anyway, here is my view as to why this difference in attitude is there between us and our western brothers.

First thing is that in Western Countries there is no legacy of leaving behind hugely amassed wealth for the coming generations. There, children start living independently (on their own expenses) early and parents get their minds off the worries to support their children. All this may be attributed mainly to the prevailing culture there and partly to the high employment rate.
In fact in the words of the Great philanthropist Warren Buffet-" I want to give my Kids enough so that they could feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing."

On the contrary, we in India have family values firmly engraved in our Culture. We remain connected to our siblings and elders forever. While this is very good culture but what happens is that this gives rise to a family-centric approach from the very childhood. So when we grow up, we are less likely to help someone outside our family. We fail to understand that though not blood relatives, but others too are our own brothers and sisters. And thus most of us rarely take trouble to come out and help other fellow Indians.

Another reason might be that Indians are generally quite religious in nature. Indians blindly believe in many religious things and practices without giving it much thought. The overall result is that we end up getting unfairly inclined towards religious acts than some much needed humane efforts. In my opinion, it's much more important to get indulged in some social, humane efforts than following some religious acts and rituals. I believe, GOD can't be made happier by doing anything else other than serving His own creatures. But it's really very sad to see few Indians actually believing  in this.

One more reason that must be accounted for is the financial status of the people. The financial status of the citizens of a country too determines the mentality of the people there. If there is a vast gap in economic status of two countries then it is bound to have some great differences in the thinking of the people too.

Apart from these, there may be so many other reasons and I hope to find them in the course of my Life. But  for now I just hope that the better sense prevails in our fellow Countrymen and they indulge in social causes significantly more than they do right now. I just hope that we INDIANS learn the Art of Giving and make it a part of our Life. CHEERS !!!

September 26, 2010

The Right Attitude leads to Empowerment

A young girl walks on the lonely street, unhappy with herself. She is not beautiful like others are. "My friends have boyfriends and I do not. They are happy. Since I am not beautiful, I have no boyfriend." 
A strong breeze blows against her face and her silky hair starts dancing. It says to her: "Be like me my child, go with the flow and you will glow." The breeze teaches her to have an attitude which will lift her beyond mere physical beauty.
The breeze is constantly moving; so to move with the vastness of life without getting stuck, be like it, constantly move. The breeze says to her: "I do not move for happiness but out of happiness. I do not dance for happiness but out of happiness. A youth should learn this art to operate from happiness and not for happiness. Happiness is an attitude. To be a winner in life is also an attitude." 

Your attitude is more important than facts for the right attitude can empower you. When you are empowered, you are bigger than a problem rather than a victim to a problem, and living in such a space makes you a winner. An easy task becomes difficult when you have a poor attitude. A difficult task becomes challenging when you have a good attitude. 
Change your body posture. A trainer talking to students on the subject of public speaking told them: "When you talk of heaven your face must be glowing and radiating joy. Your eyes must shine and lips should reflect heaven." "What about talking of hell?" asked the student. "Your normal face is enough," replied the trainer.

Change your mind. Always entertain healthy thoughts. Positive thoughts are a great asset. A pessimist sees difficulty in an opportunity and an optimist sees opportunity in a difficulty. Understand that when one door closes another opens. Trust life. Insecurity invites you to be alert and not worried. It tells you to be creative and not complain. One has to know how to take it easy and float in life and not fight with life. You can't fight with the waves but you can learn to float. 

Change your emotions. The quality of your life is the quality of your consistent emotion. When your emotion is low, just change it; think of a happy incident. Change your values. Have values that connect to goodness and connect to people. 

Follow these psychological exercises: Always stand and sit erect. "If you want to be a colonel, walk like a colonel," is an expression in the army. Keep the body posture like that of a winner. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Keep your emotions on the top of the world. Exercise and keep the above alive in you; see and picture yourself doing this. 
Lots of people fear failure, death, insecurity and rejection. Come from a commitment that failure is only postponed success. Failure is the fertiliser for success. If you bring this energy into your life, it will give you methods of handling fear of failure. Also understand that fear is a movement of thought. Thought is nothing but a movement of the mental word. 
If you get identified with a fear which is actually just a thought, which again is just a word, then this identification makes you a prisoner of fear. Also, this thought-fear unconsciously pulls in the previous memories of fear and with the past fears, a snowballing effect happens. 
So when fear happens, just become totally aware and don't get identified with that thought. With wordless awareness, just watch. This watching will not allow the previous fears to have a snowballing effect. This is called objective watching. 

You feel insecure because you have a concept of what is security and from that concept you are seeing life. Anything that does not fit that concept makes you insecure.
If you have the spirit of adventure in you then insecurity is a great adventure for you to explore. You will have fun with that insecurity. Learn to trust that insecurity is inviting you to be creative.

****           ****         ****           ****              ****               ****        
P.S.- The above thoughts are actually of Swami Sukhabodhananda. I had read this article a long time back in 'The Speaking Tree' column of TOI. The Original article can be found at

September 23, 2010

Cigarette's Smoke !!! The one thing I hate most....

Every time I go out, one thing that leaves me fuming is persons smoking here and there and me having to inhale that damn smoke. Cigarette's smoke is the one thing that I hate most and its just too repulsive for me. I just can't bear its smell. As soon as I smell someone near me smoking, I just feel like giving him a big punch on face and disfiguring his face so much that he doesn't dare smoke next time. I wish, I could get some superpower some time and thus could go around beating those smokers. 

I hate Cigarettes more for its smoke than for its health hazards. I hate it much more than liquor. Liquors have at least some medical benefits too but Cigarettes.... it is totally useless and fully harmful. More notable thing is that in Cigarettes, double harm is caused, both active and passive smokers are harmed by it. There is no such thing in Drinking and moreover, I have heard some kinds of Drinks have less repulsive smell. But whatever, right now I hate both things- Smoking and Drinking.

I am forced to write about Smoking because its almost daily that I get caught up in a situation where I find someone smoking near me and thus I have to move away farther from him so as to save myself from the unbearable situation. I get infuriated on facing these situations.

I fail to understand why does Govt. allows such things to thrive and prosper!!! If sale and possession of some drugs like Marijuana, Hashish have been made illegal then why not make the Cigarettes illegal too???? Are there some beneficial effects of Cigarettes that is stopping the Govt. from banning it completely???  I just fail to understand these legal intricacies.

Whatever, Smoking and the Cigarettes' smoke is one thing that I am sure, I am going to hate till eternity. I just hope that our fellow people gets some sense of mind and stops smoking, and one day, India gets totally Cigarette free. Hope this really comes true one day. CHEERS :) :)

September 17, 2010

Why ??

Sometimes  I wonder why bad things happen to good people only !!! No, I mean, I know that bad things happen to bad people too but then it seems like bad things happen more with nice people. I wonder why is it so. Well, I know it might be based on my limited vision of the world but when you see some nice people around you suffering so much, then such things are bound to haunt your mind.

When you see a little, innocent child suffering from acute pain, undergoing various kinds of complicated surgeries then you are bound to ask as to what had she done to deserve this much of pain at such a young age!!! When you see some of your nice friend's near n dear ones suffering a lot and so that person getting submerged into the Ocean of Grief, you are bound to ask such questions. When you see some nice people not getting what he deserves and in stead his crooked friends getting all the possible undue advantages, then you are bound to get disturbed and ask yourself such questions....

So, why is it so???? Is it because that Almighty, wants to put the nice persons to constant tests?? Or is it because nice persons are never meant to enjoy in his life?? Or is it because nice persons should sacrifice his happiness for the sake of others (some not-so-nice persons)?? I wonder why is it so....

Just have a look around yourself. You are bound to find so many examples of this. You can easily find  some  crooked and cunning persons getting things that they never deserved, very easily, and honest persons seldom getting what they long deserved. This does  go on to some extent because we know very well that honesty, and truthfulness is not an easy thing to follow, there are sufficient hardships involved in it. But then, many times it just crosses the limits, many times it just makes you so disheartened that you start pondering over such never-answerable questions. Cummoonnn... how can an innocent person be made to suffer so much for no fault of his own, how can an innocent child be made to undergo so many painful, physical trauma..... !!!!

Such kind of questions remain unanswered and comes haunting time and again...... I wonder if these kind of questions have some answer too, or they are better left unanswered only!!!

September 15, 2010

A Brother's Story

LET'S SHOW our love while we can, while people need us. That is something I learnt from an incident  in Bhopal. 

I used to see a little boy daily near the Hanuman temple, always in a red tee and black pants, with a small Hanuman pendant around his neck. He used to sit with a basket of fresh floral garlands. Be it at six in the morning or nine at night, he would try his very hardest to sell his wares.

I was a frequent temple goer and each time the boy would beg me earnestly to buy a garland. But somehow I never did. Even when I came out, he would follow me to my car, begging me to buy one at least.

Other boys sold flowers too, but none as persistently as he. I went back to the temple recently after a gap of some months.

The boy was there, seated exactly as before. I tried to avoid his gaze, assuming that he would follow me. But he did not budge.I went inside the temple and came back. But the boy made no effort to sell his garlands.

I thought he was angry or just showing his own self-respect.

I suddenly missed the communication. I always had with this unknown boy and went to him. He looked at me but did not speak.This was strange.

I gathered courage and asked: "Bhaiya, why are you not asking me to buy your garlands?"

He said, "Didi, why should I ask? You are rich but you can't spend five rupees on my garland. Anyway now I am not so desperate. My sister was suffering from cancer and I had to work for her medicines. My father had left us. My mother makes the garlands and I sell them. We used the money for my sister's medicines. She passed away two months ago. You can now take one for free."

I bought them all. But I felt so small. I still repent that I did not respond when he tried so hard.

P.S.- This story seems to have been originally written by Mrs. Vanita Srivastava, an HT journalist, though, despite my best efforts, I couldn't find its original version anywhere.

July 08, 2010

Heart, Love and The Life

What is heart? According to medical dictionaries it is a chambered muscular organ that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system. 
Umm… Well.. it is something like blah blah blah.... for a boy like me.

According to me, heart is that single chambered part of body which circulates the feeling of love in one’s life.

Now the question arises that what actually love is? People will again define it in many ways. Some may define it as a pure feeling; some may relate it to sexual requirements. But according to me Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person. This feeling can be towards any person, not only boyfriend or girlfriend. We love our friends, brother, parents….. & our parents love us. When we get out in rain or sun without any protection it makes our parents feel uneasy. When we simply sneeze, our parents start worrying about our health even if it is just simple seasonal cold.

Have you ever thought of those parents whose kids are suffering from some inborn disease or disorder which cannot be cured or which requires lakhs of money to be cured.

This post of mine is dedicated to a very sweet child I came across. I got to know about her through a tweet retweeted by the Great BigB(on his wedding anniversary day). Her name is Harshita Luthra. Date of birth 17th June 2007, 3 years old angel.

When I saw her video I got more curious to know about her. I called her father to know about the matter and then requested him to send all the related documents. Along with those docs, he sent some of her beautiful,adorable pics and then I was compelled to devote my time to save her life.

Doctors say that she is having some problem in her heart. Ummmm.. what they called it.. YES.. VSD (ventricular septal defect).. that means there is some problem with the wall (Ventricular septum) that divides the two chambers of heart. The doctors also said that there is some defect in her pulmonary artery & Aorta.

I don’t understand these medical terms. All I know is that she is having some serious,fatal birth defects in her heart. She is too young to die. And this innocent smiling beauty is not aware of her conditions. Her parents…. Huh…. I don’t have words to explain their condition…

But the good part of the story is that her life can be saved if her parents can arrange 70 LAKH RUPEES for her surgery. This surgery will take place at Childern’s Hospital, Boston. Hmmm.. So there is a ray of hope, isn’t it.. But 70 LAKH RUPEES.. BIG AMOUNT.. especially for a middle class family.. it is BIG BIG AMOUNT.. So now what.. what should we do ..? You all must be thinking that even I don’t have that much  money.. What can I do..? Right..?? Even I don’t have that much money.. But we can't let her die for this reason..

I just want to request all my readers to participate in saving her life.. even donation of 200 rupees each can make a big difference..

Click this link for a Report broadcast on NDTV -

To know all the details about this case (complete documents), plz visit- 

I hope.. You will do as much as possible from your side..
For donating money—
Bank Account detail-
Account holder's name-   Amit Luthra
ICICI bank Acc. No.-      001701562005 , Adarsh nagar Branch, Jalandhar,Punjab, 144001 ,
IFSC CODE-                   ICIC0000273
Swift Code For out Country-    ICICINBBXXX

Paypal Account created with the email ID-

You may want to call Harshita's Father on this no.- 09781699996

Thanking You


*DISCLAIMER: This post is not originally written by me. This was actually written by one of my friend. I just modified it a bit and posted it.

*45 lacs INR has been collected in this Campaign, about 15 lacs INR more are required for Post-surgical recovery expenses.
*Today (on 4th August, at 4:30 pm, IST ), Harshita is undergoing her major Heart-Surgery in Boston. Let's hope and pray for her surgery to be successful and her to get well soon.
***Her Operation has been successfully performed by the concerned Doctors there :D (News update as on 5th August at 12:40 am, IST)
**** Harshita has been discharged from the Hospital (Updated as of 11th August, 7 am IST). Now she will remain there for a few weeks more(for regular medical check ups)
*****Harshita's father Mr. Amit Luthra is in USA right now, so you won't be able to reach him on his INDIAN Contact no. given above. You may call him on his USA no.- (001 617 922 4662 ), or, if you are not able to reach him, then for any clarifications/info you may contact me instead.

*******Harshita has been suspected to be suffering from another minor problem. Doctors suspect some problem in her 'mitral valve'. So their stay in USA have been extended by one month. Her next check up is on 20th October. Let's hope for the Best.......
*********The Latest update is that Doctors have confirmed leakages in some parts of her heart. Doctors there have suggested another surgery after about 6 months and she will have to undergo similar surgeries after every 5 years till she turns adult. The parents seem to have been into a long drawn battle to save their daughter. Let's Hope their determined struggle finally bears fruit and Harshita gets perfectly fine in near future.

**Update (as of 23-01-11)- Harshita's dental surgery needs to be done which will be followed by her Heart's surgery in a few months. Large sums of amount needed again. Efforts are on to raise funds for that. You too can contribute for the cause. THANKS

March 27, 2010

Save his Life please

Hello friends,

I am writing this blog to draw your attention to the plight of my friend's condition who is undergoing a very crucial stage of his life fighting with a very rare disease called "Budd-Chiari syndrome". It is a very rare disease,in fact it occurs only in 1 out of 100,000 individuals.

My friend's family has been going around different parts of the country for the last 8 months, for the specialized treatment of this disease.

His problem started with complaints of pain in abdomen, vomiting and then difficulty in breathing and Chest pain.
In two different Hospitals he was diagnosed with liver abscess(pus-filled mass inside or attached to the liver )

He was also diagnosed with having Pleural effusion. Pleural effusion is excess fluid that accumulates in the pleural cavity, the fluid-filled space that surrounds the lungs. Excessive amounts of such fluid can impair breathing by limiting the expansion of the lungs during inhalation.
The excessive fluid created was then artificially drained out and a chest tube was placed inside the pleural space for further removal of the excess fluid formed(which is used to remove at least 250-800 ml of liquid daily)

CT of upper abdomen was suggestive of Hepatic vein thrombosis (Budd-Chiari syndrome)

Portal Venography showed abnormality in the IVC(inferior vena cava) and hence the patient was referred to the specialized centre- SGPGI,Lucknow.

There the disease was diagnosed as Acute Budd-Chiari syndrome (along with some more problems like pleural effusion).

The final conclusion of Doctors there noted following problems-

*Hepatic vein thrombosis with distended azygous and hemiazygous veins.

*Total occlusion of IVC with suprarenal segment.

*Grade 2 varices(now (as of 27-04-10), it has advanced to Grade 3), mild PHG(Portal hypertensive gastropathy).

Ultimately, at SGPI Lucknow, the patient was advised to go for Liver transplant at a centre of own choice.

The patient was then taken to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
But there the doctors ruled out the possibility of transplanting liver because the patient's IVC and iliac vein was completely occluded(see Dr's report).

And then the patient was moved to medanta medicity(Gurgaon) for that purpose.There a Radiology examination was done(see its copy)on March 6,2010.

On March 9,2010 the Hospital issued a note of information(or say certificate) saying that the patient was suffering from Budd-Chiari syndrome and he needed the placement of TIPPS(Trans Jugular Intra Hepatic Porta Systemic Shunt) along with IVC stenting. It also said that this intervention needs to be done urgently for his survival and stated the approximate cost of treatment as 6 lacs.

You can see all the relevent medical Certificates/records by clicking here

Now, the financial condition of the family is not good, his father is no more there and his mother is a Housewife, besides they have already spent lots of money in the patient's treatment in the last 8 months, going for different private Hospitals in the Country.
So they are unable to arrange such a large amount(about 6 lacs) in such a short time span(just 20 days).

So please donate whatever amount you can. Remember you are contributing towards saving someone's life.

Thank you so much...


*Now, We have with us, the required amount. So now we are stopping to receive any further contributions. Thank you so much for your support...

**Rahul's Surgery/Operation had been done successfully by Dr. S.S. Baijal and right now he is going Great in his life. He has been re-admitted in NIT Jamshedpur with the new batch and he is carrying on with his regular studies.

March 26, 2010

My all-time favourite poem


People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

The Paradoxical Commandments
by Dr. Kent M. Keith

March 20, 2010

Is It Love

Well, I think everyone is confused about what actually Love is. I am myself confused a lot about it (and now please don't start yelling on me- "how can you write on a topic you yourself are confused about, hey man,,, calm down, calm down.... read ahead)
Before I go ahead, I would like to make it clear that henceforth, in this blog, when I say "Love", I am actually referring to Love between opposite sexes (that we youngsters have to most often deal with) not any other kind of love.
Well, you know, this is such a tough and complex question that even if put to some renowned thinkers and writers around the world, will put them to think over it for a while, before answering it. Of course may be Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra or Robin Sharma can give you a one line reply to this question but that will leave you more puzzled than satisfied.
May be they are quite thorough with their concepts but why does it take sooo long for us to fathom out what actually Love is, when to say deep inside your heart that “I love her”. Why does it seem so confusing to make a clear distinction amongst terms like- liking, infatuation, crush, friendship and love!!!! Why are we sometimes puzzled about our relationships?
Let’s for example assume that, I like one of my female friend and she has a very special place in my heart but it is not clear to me as to why does she get such a unfair treatment from my heart, I mean even for the time being, why does my heart gives her a special place to live in !!!! Is it just a passing phase, is it just normal attraction that a boy can have toward a girl, is it just some kind of infatuation or is it actually ....well....errrrr- LOVE ?????!!!!!
So that’s it, why do we face such kind of situations, even when we are so mature now (age-wise), why does it take this much effort to figure out what actually we are into!!!??? Tell me, tell me, I am not here to answer this question, I am not writing this blog because I have figured out why things are the way they are. I am writing this blog to sort out my own mess (hey, hey common, please do not start running away, I am sure it will help you too). I mean, I think by writing about these things and by taking your suggestions, comments and views I will make myself more enlightened about these things, and in turn, you too will become more mature by discussing and reading these things here (and do not worry, I will keep some fun factors involved too, so that it doesn’t get boring).
That was the first part of my blog- Description of the problem, here goes the second part-
I will start by posting an sms that I received from my friend Rahil yesterday, though it doesn’t make everything clear but anyway it does give you some idea and starts your thought process. Here it goes-
"Love is not what you see, not what you think, not what you hear, not what you achieve , its all that you feel in yourself....
You are in Love when you touch your heart and you feel the touch of that person, you close your eyes and have the picture of that person, you take a deep breath and feel the closeness of that person.
You are in love not when you think you are in Love (oops, does that mean I am not in love!!!), you are not in Love when you want to be in Love, you are not in Love just because of some good looks of a person (does that mean I am in Love!!!)....
In fact you are in Love when you keep telling yourself you want to be away from Love, Love is when you die for a glance of that person (yes I die for, hahaha ), Love is when you are ready to do anything just for a smile from that person(anything??? Well,errr, ok may be.), Love is when a tinge of sadness in his/her eyes brings ocean of tears in your eyes(ocean??no, but it does make me sad too), Love is when you start praying for the well being of that person even if that person may never become yours ever........."
That’s the end of that sms, and if I analyse my situation in accordance with the above laid terms, I find myself concluding that I am actually ............well, I leave that for you to guess and add it in the Comment section below.
Now, all of you, please do not start comparing your relationships with above written conditions, there are many more things to consider.
What I think is that true love is Unconditional and can’t be reasoned with, I mean you don’t have to have a reason for loving somebody, you love somebody just because.... well.... you don’t know or better say, you can never figure out the reason for loving somebody. In the words of Paulo Coelho(in his book-The Alchemist)- “One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”
So that’s it, if you can’t find a reason of being in love with somebody, that is one of the things that hints that you are actually in love. You won’t be able to find a particular reason for loving (actually you may have too many to choose from).
Then of course Love is unconditional. When you want to understand “unconditional”, better visualise a child-mother relationship. The mother loves her child despite so many shortcomings. Even when the grown up child goes wrong way, walk over their parents and sometimes parts ways with them, the mother (after some time-period) still wants to be with her child not for बुढ़ापे का सहारा, but simply because she loves her child. So, if somebody is loved , he/she is loved unconditionally, there are no ifs and buts involved. In Love, you donot and cannot find differences, you are actually so blended with your beloved that you simply can’t notice the other person’s shortcomings and your differences with him/her.
Apart from these things, I have just one thing to say, I do believe in true love, and for those persons who think that Love is the business of fools or it is totally useless, puts your life in reverse gear, destroys your career...blah, blah, blah...I have just one thing to quote here for them –
"You must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny. If he abandons that pursuit, it's because it wasn't true love… “
-Paulo Coelho (in “The Alchemist”)
Well, I think I should stop writing now. Although still I can write many more things as there are so many things coming up in my mind right now, But this will make this blog unnecessary lengthy and a bit boring for you too.
So that’s the end of this blog entry. Thanks for coming here and going through it.
I will ask you for just one more favour (please do it for me)-
Please leave your Comments or views about this particular topic or about my way of writing (or anything else) in the Comment Section below, that will be your way of appreciating my blog.
Thank you soooo much

March 16, 2010

my first blog entry.....

Well,,..... I was already quite familiar with these blog things.....reading about them in Newspapers, Computer magazines and of course going about reading some good blogs, but I never had tried it writing myself..... so, after so much of time, today I thought- hey, why not you too start on this blog bandwagon.....

To start with, I will name a few notable blogs that I have been through and have found quite impressive. They are here in order of their preferences-


This is the blog of my favorite female columnist......I absolutely adore her columns, she writes sooo good.. just go through one of her columns in STOI.


This is the blog of Big B. He needs no introduction. I was led to his blog during the recent controversy on the controversial column about the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai in "Mumbai Mirror", There was a lot of furor on the issue and I thought why not to actually read what Big B is writing about it.

I was sooo amazed to find out how politely he mentions about us in the blog....


This is the blog of my twitter friend Daniel (@Cool_Dany). He keeps posting about new ongoing ONLINE contests to win various kinds of prizes and goodies. He too maintains a very good blog.

I know there are a hundred (or may be a thousand) more impressive blogs that are yet to be discovered by me but till now I have been able to visit these blogs only.I hope to find other fine ones soon.

And now that I have started blogging, I wish that I will be able to continue it. I think it will benefit me in the longer run, by specially inculcating a habit of writing in me(and who knows, tomorrow I may be writing for some renowned Newspapers/magazines!!!!!)....
That's I fear, is the end of my first blog, hope its not much boring for you....Thanks for making a visit here, wait for my next blog entry......