December 22, 2013

Govt formation in Delhi by AAP- the Aam Aadmi Party

As expected, AAP is going ahead with formation of Govt. There will be obvious "I-told-you-so-AAP-isBteam-Of-Congress" cries by BJP supporters. And Congress leaders too have already said that "nothing is unconditional" (about support). Undoubtedly AAP is playing a very risky game now. They have to come true to people's expectation and that too in quite limited time. Post March 2014, model code of conduct could be in place. So they have just 3 months of time to prove their worth. Otherwise they may not be able to fare well in the Loksabha elections. While 3 months is a very less time, a genuine indication of their intent could definitely be expressed. 
That said, the decision of forming Govt itself was quite fishy. Needless to say, the so called referendum was just a diversion exercise to avoid being questioned for taking support from Congress. Congress was a party they always fiercely fought against, and voters too gave their support considering AAP as a nice anti-BJP, anti-Congress option. So taking support from Congress was highly unethical. Still, if in the larger interest of people, and with people's support for their decision, they would have gone for Govt formation, there would have been nothing wrong. But did people really wanted AAP to form Govt with Congress support? I don't think so. There are several questions against the Opinion seeking process, which makes one conclude that the opinion could be highly flawed, unbalanced and even rigged. Here are some pointers-
  1. How could  they ensure that maximum of Delhi voters have given the opinion? Could they ensure 65-70% of voters opinion, which equals polling percentage?
  2. If they took only 30-40% voters' opinion, then can't it be accused to be of SELECTIVE opinion seeking?  What guarantee does it carry of being evenly distributed, being truly random?
  3. Was this process independent? How will others believe that it's honest, and not a manipulated one? Had they included some independent people in this entire opinion seeking process?
  4. Also, who will come outside to give opinions in public meetings? Obviously, AAP enthusiasts who will probably be equally enthusiastic about AAP forming Govt. Why will naysayers take pain to come out of home, just to say NO!! Will BJP supporters come out to their public meetings just to say no? Chances are that, they will mumble something like- "Do whatever you like, we always knew you are going to join hands with Congress!"
Since I posed these objections, I would also like to give solution to all this. The opinion should have been collected by a door-to-door campaign, collecting at least 50% of voters' opinion. The opinion should have been taken on a paper-form containing the voter's name, constituency and voter ID card no. Also, a few independent observers could have been invited to oversee the process. This process would certainly have taken longer time, but would have been far more reliable and foolproof.

I wonder if going for Govt formation was a wise decision of AAP. Being a non-ruling party was giving them advantage of questioning the wrong. But now, being in Govt, they will be put to a litmus test. Now they will be questioned for their policies. Even a single wrong move could spell disaster for them. Also, in case of reelection, there were high chances of them getting more no. of seats. Riding on a minority Govt doesn't seem to be such a nice idea!

All said and done, AAP has already decided in favour of formation of Govt, so no use now wasting time over all these things. More important is what lies ahead. Will AAP be able to deliver? Many of their promises seem to be highly unrealistic and quite idealistic too. What with drop in electricity charges by 50%, free water up to some amount and no VIP security. How will they manage all this promises? Where will they bring the money from? Not to talk of the legalization of illegal colonies, which raises another set of questions! 

Needless to say, this is a make-or-break moment for AAP. If they are able to deliver quickly, on most of their promises, people will forget their taking support from Congress. If they fail to deliver, they will become an extinct species in Indian Politics! Loksabha election is very near. They better start working seriously on their promises, or nobody will vote for them in next elections! Hope they really do, and silent the critics. J

December 01, 2013

The Language Impediment: Need of learning new languages

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Language is the most basic way to communicate(apart from expressions of course), and it can feel like a great impairment if you get stuck due to not knowing a language. You feel like being in a world of strangers and not knowing how to interact. The inability to communicate can be very frustrating, but even more frustrating could be the inability to understand what is being talked around. To speak and to be able to communicate, the very first thing one would need, is being able to understand what others are speaking. And when you are just not able to understand the language of the region, how can you expect to be able to mix up in the conversations going around! At the very first stage you are bound to be at a disadvantageous position. All the time, only you will have to initiate the talk and that too in the standard, non-regional language. Needless to say, knowing the basics of the regional languages, is the need of the hour, to be able to effectively converse in the region you are living.

Now, there are numerous advantages too, of knowing multiple languages. 
First of all, conversing in regional language will enable you to be able to connect to people more effectively. People will feel a better sense of togetherness while talking. The talks will be more informal, more friendly in nature, hence helping you to engage in a better conversation. Even if you are only able to understand, and not speak, then too it will help a lot. At least you will be able to understand what people are speaking and would be able to respond back in your own common language.

Secondly, knowing multiple languages can be considered to be enriching your knowledge base too. After all, learning languages is an essential part of any learning curriculum. Also, learning a new language opens up a completely new vista of literature. You can read works of so many authors which you earlier would have been unable to go through. 

Not only that, knowing multiple languages makes you culturally diverse too, opening up multiple diverse cultures in front of you. Now, getting familiarised with multiple diverse cultures could be such an interesting experience in itself!

Also, studies show that, people knowing multiple languages have better task switching capabilities (source). Now, that is really interesting, isn't it? Basically it means that your brain becomes sharper by learning multiple languages! 

In the words of "Susanna Zaraysky"(source), who speaks seven languages and has lived in nine different countries:-

"Being multilingual is fundamental to who I am because I think in different languages. My mind starts a thought in one language, then finds a particular word in another language that fits exactly what I am thinking and then may switch to a third language by the end of the paragraph. 
Each language resonates with me in a distinct way, bringing out a different part of my character. Russian makes me more melancholic because of its minor tone. In French, I am super pensive. Brazilian Portuguese is a very flirtatious and sweet language. "

Imagine how exciting her life must be! Need I say more? Simply putting, learning new languages can never be a futile effort. It comes with it's own extra perks and benefits. You may not even be able to imagine what help a new language could render you at what time! It is never too late to learn, specially if it's about languages. Come, let's join this language learning bandwagon! 

October 03, 2013

वो दो पल....

              वो दो पल का साथ, वो अजीब सा एहसास 
                  तेरे कभी तो पास आने की, जो मुझमें है आस.

                वो दो पल कि मस्ती, वो कागज कि कश्ती
                 तेरे जुल्फों के लट कि, वो बादल सी मस्ती...

                वो दो पल का मिलना, वो मिल-मिल बिछडना
                 तेरे पास आने को, वो दिल का मचलना...

                वो दो पल के साये में, मेरे ख्वाबों का पलना
                  तेरे दिल में जो बसने कि, वो मेरी तमन्ना... 

                  वो दो पल का साथ, वो अजीब सा एहसास ....

August 04, 2013

Hopelessly Relentless....

There are some things in our life, which we know we can never have, but still try to have!! Ironical statement, isn't it? But happens many times in our life if you try to notice. Things which are beyond(?) our reach, things which seem practically impossible to have, sometimes they even cause great despair , but due to our desire, we don't give off its pursuit. We are hopeless, but relentless.  

Specifically talking of relationships, sometimes we love and care for someone and wish to be with that someone for forever. Even though it may not seem feasible, even though it may seem practically impossible, we keep putting in efforts. Deep down we might be knowing that our paths are so apart that its completely foolish to expect some positive outcome, but still we can't stop trying. We may be knowing that ultimately it will leave us disheartened and hurt, but still we don't give in. So driven we are by our desires, that we are blinded off reality!! Its like we have a hopeless hope. We know its not possible but still we are not losing hope. We are hopeless but we are still hoping!

Even talking of materialistic desires, it seems to be all the same. We may be knowing that we can't acquire something we wish to have, but still we keep that desire burning in our heart. They say "Hope is what keeps us alive", and rightly so. Howsoever small hope we may have, it keeps us moving. We have goals in life, we have our dreams for our life, we may have very little hope of getting them, but sometimes we are relentless in the pursuit. The mere happiness which comes from dreaming about them, keeps us moving. Its quite like luring a child to keep coming towards you by dangling a chocolate!!

Thinking about all these aspects, I always get this notion that "If its in your mind, it can become a reality". Even seriously pondering over it, there is a very thin line between imagination and reality. It may seem weird to think, but it could be possible of being a reality. Its all in our head, if we can think of it, we can make it a reality too. Desires are what drives our life, if we have a desire in our mind, who knows it becomes a reality!!

April 17, 2013


Relationships are mysterious things.... Sometimes I start wondering why do we even need it. Why can't we be happy without it. Why do we always need a relationship to keep us happy. It's like our happiness lies in relationships. It's like someone else drives our life. :/

We are always in search of someone(well, if not always, most of the times, for one reason or the other.) The search may not actually be intentional and directed, but our emotional state of mind is such that, it always wants to connect to someone. That's where I start wondering as to why can't we be content with ourselves! Ohh, it may look weird for sure, for being happy with our own self would surely be quite a insane looking idea. But then as Osho says-
"Aloneness is beautiful. It has an elegance around it, a grace, a climate of tremendous satisfaction.   Aloneness is SHEER independence. One feels as if one is one's whole world, one's whole existence...."
Does it sound weird? :)

Well anyway, I was wondering how we keep going through a cycle of varying relationships and the accompanying emotional states.  It seems so fascinating if you look at it from a distance. We always seem to be in an emotional-crisis-state, always looking out for some emotional solace from others! If we don't get someone, we get disheartened, and if we do get, then it gets so lively! Curious thing is that it always keeps going in a perpetual motion, never-ending cycle.

One thing that is quite worrying, is the discontentment caused by relationships (or desire of it?). It always takes us through such a roller-coaster kind of emotional ride. Sometimes we get enlivened up after interacting with someone, and sometimes we may even go in an emotional black hole! Relationships affect our lives to such a great extent that it virtually controls our happiness. We get happiness from relationships. A good relationship can be a great source of happiness for us. Being with that someone special can bring immense joy in our life. Relationships are always such a precious thing to cherish.

But then relationships cause emotional pains too. Not being able to be with someone, not being able to get close to someone.... these can cause great discontent and loneliness. We have our desires, our choices, our aspirations, and we get disheartened if we are not able to get into the desired relationships. It seems so worrying how much discontent these issues can cause.  And there seem no way out to address this problem (is it really a problem?).

Are relationships the problem, or are our desires the problem? I am still wondering.....

March 11, 2013

Corporate Life

Corporate life is strange.  It gives no time to think. You are always chasing one goal after another. This is good as well as bad. There is always a challenging goal ahead, which keeps you moving on in your life. It keeps you energetic, on-the-move, always busy, always chasing an adrenaline-pumping, nerve wrecking target. At the end of each individual target, one feels triumphant. Each target achieved gives a reason to celebrate, a new boost to the life. At the same time, each target achieved also gets followed by a new incoming challenge! You don't get time to think anything other than your own   closed-up world. Corporate life seems to enclose people in a completely different world, away from regular social life. The life seems to be so indulging that you hardly get anytime to be yourself, and explore your hidden abilities. A corporate set up wires your mind in a completely different manner. You are programmed to think, act, and behave in a particular manner. So as I said, it's good and it's bad.
But I think it would be wrong to be critical of it, because even a Public Sector life will have a completely different set up, and so will the armed forces life... It's just that the degree of flexibility offered varies in each of them. One can say that, it's not bad, it's just about the amount of flexibility being offered.

Talking of another aspect, I wonder how much effort an IT professional would  be able to apply towards social causes. Being in a corporate set up, first, one's mind is too absorbed in professional life, to think about doing something for society. Even if one would like to do something, I wonder how much time he would be able to devote :/ That said, good people are everywhere, and I am sure, a motivated person will always find ways to do what he loves doing most.

With this, I end up this post of mine. I think this must be one of the shortest post on my blog. Just got some thoughts in my mind, and felt like penning it down. And yes, since I am quite new to this Corporate world, so my perceptions may be wrong about it! :) Hope to experience it well, and enjoy it thoroughly. :)