October 16, 2017

The Funny online Selling Experience

So this was almost 2 yrs back when I wanted to sell my creative 2.1 speakers. The selling experience was both amusing as well as frustrating at times. I posted the ad with photos on two of the popular online websites. I installed their apps too, so that I could respond to any messages quickly. A few of the conversations with prospective buyers were so hilarious that I can still recall them vividly. One buyer had called me asking about the speakers, and after usual few questions, he asked- "Are the speakers having lengthy enough cords, so as to place them in different corners of the room". I was like, 'does this guy even know how 2.1 speakers are like!!' But I calmly replied that these are 2.1 speakers, and not meant for getting placed across the room.
Another buyer called and asked if the speakers have 3.5 mm audio jack. When I replied in affirmative, he asked if it will work with his Samsung phone which apparently didn't have 3.5mm audio output!
One caller asked me to lower the price being quoted in ad. I had already kept the selling price close to half of the current market price since it has just been 1 year for the speakers. When I told him that I don't want to sell it at any price lower than mentioned, he replied- "But several other 2.1 speakers are being sold at much lower price." I was like, "Oh, so all 2.1 speakers are same!"
There was one instance when a girl (or may be a buyer with female name) messaged me, and wrote-
"Heyy, do you want to sell this item?"
I replied- "No, I am just testing the selling feature here."
She:- "I too am new to buying here. Can you help me buy a good 2.1 speaker system?"
Me:- "Yes of course, you can buy mine."
She:- "But I actually want to buy, not just indulge in testing". I repented my first reply, and somehow brought the conversation back on track and explaining about my 2.1 speakers.

Another day, I got a message in my selling website's inbox, and started chatting with the buyer. Here is how the conversation went on:-

Buyer : "Hi, May I know why are you selling your speakers?"
Me: "Because I want to buy a better one."
Buyer: "Is it working fine?"
Me: "Yes".
Buyer: "Then why are you selling it?"
Me: "I told you, because I want to buy a better one, and I need money for that."
Buyer: "Which speakers are you thinking to buy?"
Me: "Haven't fully decided yet, but why do you want to know?"
Buyer: "May be I too will buy the same speaker, if good enough"
Me: "Do you want to buy my speakers or not?"
Buyer: "Yes, yes I do."
Somehow, we agreed on the price and then I asked for the location of exchange. 
Me: "So where do you want to meet for taking the speakers?"
Buyer: "Anywhere in Jammu city."
Me: "WHAT!! You are from Jammu?"
Buyer: "Yes, I thought you too are from Jammu."
By now, I was frustrated as hell,but somehow persevered.
Me: "Sorry, then no point discussing. I stay in Hyderabad."
Buyer: "Heyy, By any chance, can you courier the speakers?"
Me: "Yes I can, if you pay the additional courier charges"
Buyer: "Ok, please courier then. I will transfer you the money as soon as I get the courier."
This was the limit of my patience.
Me: "Good Bye", and I blocked the person.

Now, after so many months of the experience, when I came across the Cashify.in website, I found it to be a very promising website for selling old electronic items.

Disposing of e-waste is another big issue that can be solved by such initiatives. Many times, we don't sell our electronic items, because of the hassles involved in selling. With such hassle-free experience of selling, with no negotiations and haggling involved, I think cashify comes up with a very great initiative. #CleanUpCashOut is the mantra, i.e. you clean up your old electronic items, and you get cash out of it! You can know more about the cashify, by watching these two videos- Video1, Video2.  Use coupon CLEANCASH and get an additional Rs 250.

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