April 17, 2013


Relationships are mysterious things.... Sometimes I start wondering why do we even need it. Why can't we be happy without it. Why do we always need a relationship to keep us happy. It's like our happiness lies in relationships. It's like someone else drives our life. :/

We are always in search of someone(well, if not always, most of the times, for one reason or the other.) The search may not actually be intentional and directed, but our emotional state of mind is such that, it always wants to connect to someone. That's where I start wondering as to why can't we be content with ourselves! Ohh, it may look weird for sure, for being happy with our own self would surely be quite a insane looking idea. But then as Osho says-
"Aloneness is beautiful. It has an elegance around it, a grace, a climate of tremendous satisfaction.   Aloneness is SHEER independence. One feels as if one is one's whole world, one's whole existence...."
Does it sound weird? :)

Well anyway, I was wondering how we keep going through a cycle of varying relationships and the accompanying emotional states.  It seems so fascinating if you look at it from a distance. We always seem to be in an emotional-crisis-state, always looking out for some emotional solace from others! If we don't get someone, we get disheartened, and if we do get, then it gets so lively! Curious thing is that it always keeps going in a perpetual motion, never-ending cycle.

One thing that is quite worrying, is the discontentment caused by relationships (or desire of it?). It always takes us through such a roller-coaster kind of emotional ride. Sometimes we get enlivened up after interacting with someone, and sometimes we may even go in an emotional black hole! Relationships affect our lives to such a great extent that it virtually controls our happiness. We get happiness from relationships. A good relationship can be a great source of happiness for us. Being with that someone special can bring immense joy in our life. Relationships are always such a precious thing to cherish.

But then relationships cause emotional pains too. Not being able to be with someone, not being able to get close to someone.... these can cause great discontent and loneliness. We have our desires, our choices, our aspirations, and we get disheartened if we are not able to get into the desired relationships. It seems so worrying how much discontent these issues can cause.  And there seem no way out to address this problem (is it really a problem?).

Are relationships the problem, or are our desires the problem? I am still wondering.....