March 11, 2013

Corporate Life

Corporate life is strange.  It gives no time to think. You are always chasing one goal after another. This is good as well as bad. There is always a challenging goal ahead, which keeps you moving on in your life. It keeps you energetic, on-the-move, always busy, always chasing an adrenaline-pumping, nerve wrecking target. At the end of each individual target, one feels triumphant. Each target achieved gives a reason to celebrate, a new boost to the life. At the same time, each target achieved also gets followed by a new incoming challenge! You don't get time to think anything other than your own   closed-up world. Corporate life seems to enclose people in a completely different world, away from regular social life. The life seems to be so indulging that you hardly get anytime to be yourself, and explore your hidden abilities. A corporate set up wires your mind in a completely different manner. You are programmed to think, act, and behave in a particular manner. So as I said, it's good and it's bad.
But I think it would be wrong to be critical of it, because even a Public Sector life will have a completely different set up, and so will the armed forces life... It's just that the degree of flexibility offered varies in each of them. One can say that, it's not bad, it's just about the amount of flexibility being offered.

Talking of another aspect, I wonder how much effort an IT professional would  be able to apply towards social causes. Being in a corporate set up, first, one's mind is too absorbed in professional life, to think about doing something for society. Even if one would like to do something, I wonder how much time he would be able to devote :/ That said, good people are everywhere, and I am sure, a motivated person will always find ways to do what he loves doing most.

With this, I end up this post of mine. I think this must be one of the shortest post on my blog. Just got some thoughts in my mind, and felt like penning it down. And yes, since I am quite new to this Corporate world, so my perceptions may be wrong about it! :) Hope to experience it well, and enjoy it thoroughly. :)