December 18, 2016

The Journey of Life...

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So busy we get in our life, that we forget to ponder on it, reflect on it...
the various hues and the shades, the various ups and the downs, seem to have been dumped deep down in memory.
Things that used to matter most, seems to have went into oblivion...
people who used to be omnipresent, seems to have moved on to different world.

As our life keeps expanding to the wider horizons, our earlier, closer connections with things and people who used to matter earlier, keeps on waning...
newer people and newer set of things make entry into our life, grabbing space in our already cluttered life.
Can't we stop, take a breath, observe, look back at life, and contemplate over things happening around? Can't we take a break every once in a while to think over our life's happenings? Are we prioritizing things wisely, are we spending our times judiciously, are we bringing good changes around us, are we being humane? Can't we think over things that matters most in life... 


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