May 15, 2016

The Mountain Shadow: Some Quotable quotes

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In my next post, I will be posting book review of the novel "The Mountain Shadow". But before that I thought to compile all the nice, quotable quotes from the novel. Here they go:-
  1. "They’re nothing. Just a fringe group. Nobody listens to them." ‘The fringe usually works its way to the centre that ignores or insults it.’
  2. Writers never really die, until people stop quoting them.
  3. I stand for your right to create and present art, but I think that rights come with responsibilities, and that we, as artists, have a responsibility not to cause feelings of hurt and injury in the name of art. In the name of truth, maybe. In the name of justice and freedom. But not in the name of art.’
  4. One of the great mysteries of India, and the greatest of all its joys, is the tender warmth of the lowest paid.
  5. Religion is just a long competition to see who can design the silliest hat.
  6. Fiction is fact, made stranger. The truth about anything is a lie about something else. Come on, step it up, Shantaram.
  7. The way to love, is to love the way.
  8. If you’re not living for something, you’re dying for nothing.
  9. Be prepared for war, the more so if you despise war.
  10. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, and do not do to others, what you would not have them do to you.
  11. Good is only half the truth, and truth is only half the story.
  12. You know what the difference is, between war and peace?’ the man sitting next to me whispered, a smile in his voice. ‘I’m guessing you’ll tell me,’ I whispered back. ‘In peace time, you sacrifice twenty to save one. In war time, you sacrifice one to save twenty.’
  13. People who abhor crime, as I do, often ask why men who commit crimes, as I did, do such things. One of the big answers is that the low road is always easier, until it crumbles away beneath desire. One of the small answers is that when life and freedom are at stake, the men you meet are often exceptional.
  14. Truth’s a sweet thing, unless someone’s cutting it out of you, and then it’s a very bitter thing.
  15. What is civilisation? Idriss once remarked. It’s a woman, free to live as she wants.
  16. When it means nothing to anybody else, and it means everything to us, isn’t that love?
  17. If you’re thinking about it, you can also put some thought into the fact that you don’t have the right to take your own life. Nobody does.’ ‘Why not?’ Rannveig like the runway asked, her eyes wide, innocent of the cruel, broken question she’d just asked. ‘Think of it this way, Rannveig, does a deranged person have the right to kill a stranger?’ ‘No.’ ‘No. And when suicide is in your head, you’re the deranged person, and you’re also the stranger, in danger of the harm you might do to yourself. No matter how bad things get, you don’t have the right to kill the stranger that you might become, for a while, in your own life. The rest of your life would tell you, at that point, it’s not an option.’
  18. Faith is unconditional love, and love is unconditional faith. Vinson, Naveen and I were men in love, without the women we loved, and faith was a tree without shade.
  19. Corruption is a tax imposed on any society that doesn’t pay people enough to repel it themselves.
  20. Men don’t like to be that honest about love: to put the gun in a woman’s hand, and hold it against their own hearts, and say, Here, this is how you kill me.
  21. Can you define destiny?’ Ambitious demanded. ‘Destiny is the treasure we find in the awareness of death.’- Idriss.
  22. The purpose of life is to express the set of positive characteristics to the most sophisticated degree that you can, by connecting with pure intention to others, and our planet, and to the Divine Source of all things.’
  23. Generosity is the spiritual language of love, humility is the spiritual language of honour, and devotion is the spiritual language of faith.
  24. Teachers, like writers, never die while people still quote them. 
P.S.:- If you haven't read my earlier post on the quotes from this novel's prequel "Shantaram", please catch them here. The corresponding Book review of the Novel 'Shantaram', can be read here.

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