August 04, 2013

Hopelessly Relentless....

There are some things in our life, which we know we can never have, but still try to have!! Ironical statement, isn't it? But happens many times in our life if you try to notice. Things which are beyond(?) our reach, things which seem practically impossible to have, sometimes they even cause great despair , but due to our desire, we don't give off its pursuit. We are hopeless, but relentless.  

Specifically talking of relationships, sometimes we love and care for someone and wish to be with that someone for forever. Even though it may not seem feasible, even though it may seem practically impossible, we keep putting in efforts. Deep down we might be knowing that our paths are so apart that its completely foolish to expect some positive outcome, but still we can't stop trying. We may be knowing that ultimately it will leave us disheartened and hurt, but still we don't give in. So driven we are by our desires, that we are blinded off reality!! Its like we have a hopeless hope. We know its not possible but still we are not losing hope. We are hopeless but we are still hoping!

Even talking of materialistic desires, it seems to be all the same. We may be knowing that we can't acquire something we wish to have, but still we keep that desire burning in our heart. They say "Hope is what keeps us alive", and rightly so. Howsoever small hope we may have, it keeps us moving. We have goals in life, we have our dreams for our life, we may have very little hope of getting them, but sometimes we are relentless in the pursuit. The mere happiness which comes from dreaming about them, keeps us moving. Its quite like luring a child to keep coming towards you by dangling a chocolate!!

Thinking about all these aspects, I always get this notion that "If its in your mind, it can become a reality". Even seriously pondering over it, there is a very thin line between imagination and reality. It may seem weird to think, but it could be possible of being a reality. Its all in our head, if we can think of it, we can make it a reality too. Desires are what drives our life, if we have a desire in our mind, who knows it becomes a reality!!