November 03, 2012

OMG: Oh My GOD, and my thoughts...

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"मजहब इंसानों के लिए बनता है, मजहब के लिए इंसान नहीं"
(what happens is the exact opposite!! people fight to save the name and fame of religion and GOD!!)

Pretty nice movie, having very powerful message hard hitting at the religious hypocrisy in society, in a very light way. More than 95% religious-looking-people in India are actually NOT religious. They are blindly religious, they are hypocrites, they are stupid people of the highest order!! And that's what this movie focuses on, and that too in a light vein. I am quite glad that such a movie was made, it resonates exactly with my sentiments. One doesn't need to go to any religious place, or to follow any particular religious tradition to worship GOD. In fact GOD doesn't need to be worshiped at all!! Why should one worship GOD?!! GOD is my friend, GOD is inside me, I love GOD, I don't need to fear GOD, and I don't need to ask for anything from GOD. GOD is inside every living creature around us. We don't need to go anywhere in search of GOD. Helping the living beings around us could be the best way of expressing our love and affection towards GOD. Help others, care for others, and love thy GOD :)

By the way, this movie also reminded me of OSHO's way of putting forth powerful arguments. And I am sure, had OSHO scripted the story and dialogues of this movie, then it could have been much more impressive and powerful movie :) (On a scale of 10, I would rate this movie 7/10)

People wrongly categorize many guys like me as "atheist". Just because you don't confirm to their typical beliefs about religion and GOD, you are tagged as an "atheist"!! If you don't follow the well-set traditions and religious practices, then you are bound to be non-religious and "atheist"!! If you start questioning their blind beliefs and traditions, you become atheist and non-religious!! This is sheer stupidity, and blatant orthodoxy. One doesn't become non-religious simply by questioning or objecting another person's religious beliefs. The point of contention here is what is understood by "religion", "being religious", and "atheist". "Atheist is the most simple yet most misused term. Simply ask someone- "Do you believe in anything like GOD, or an invisible Superpower?" The answer in Yes or No, should be taken as the conclusive opinion about the person being an atheist or theist.
"Being religious", is far more complicated term, and you can't find it out simply asking a few questions. To conclusively determine it will require to have a well detail examination of the person's ideologies, actions, beliefs, and behaviour. Participating in religious ceremonies or religiously following some "pious traditions" are no sign of being religious (Unfortunately, that has actually become the unsaid benchmark!!)
What is of paramount importance is one's ACTION. Only by observing one's actions closely, over a considerable time period, can one determine this property of being religious.
"Religion" again, is a bit complicated term. How would you define it a few words? For me, it would be simply a noble, holistic, humane way of living one's life.