August 23, 2012

The Melbourne Dream !!

Wow!! A contest for free journey expedition to Melbourne!!  The moment I visited that contest page, I was filled  with excitement!! Just minutes into  reading the contest details, and I was  already dreaming of what all I would be enjoying in Melbourne! :) :)

First, it will be my first foreign journey and first journey on flight. So this journey itself gives me quite a bit of excitement you know :)

Then the ballooning in Melbourne!! Never done that, only saw those in movies. So you can well imagine the excitement in me. :) Watching the earth below from top above, what a fascinating experience it will be.

And Ohh, the Skiing! OMG, I will absolutely love skiing. That’s topmost in my priority list. Skiing on snow, feeling like having grown up wings in legs!! hahaha :P weird imagination but can't help it you know :) :)

Going to Melbourne aquarium too will be an amazing experience. Those small beautiful fishes are so lovely specially those transparent, colorful ones. I would love to visit them.

And Zoo!! The kangaroos of Australia! It will be a great change, No? I mean seeing a completely new set of animals than what we see here in India. :)

The Island nature park too would be awesome for sure. The penguins!! Ahha, first the mesmerizing sea beach and then the penguins!! It will be lovely, fascinating to visit that.

And then obviously, being first time in Australia, shopping will be a must. I would like to bring back some beautiful souvenirs from there, and some for my friends too :) Having various delicacies too will be exciting!! Looking forward to the experience…   btw, I am already feeling positive vibes about it, as if the GOD is whispering in my ears- "its your time to visit Melbourne NOW!" :) :) hope so :)

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