November 19, 2011

If I had two EXTRA hours in a day.....

We have been writing on these kind of topics since childhood- "If I had....", "If I were....". It always feels nice to let loose our imagination and just pen all our crazy wishes.

Talking of this one, having two extra hours in a day won't be a usual thing. It would be a miracle to have so. Won't it? After all, who can imagine having 26 hours in a day! But miracles do happen. Yes, it does, you only have to be in the right place at the right time to witness the miracle. So, since having two extra hours will be a miracle in itself, so I would like to spend those two hours to help create further miracles, albeit of another kind. Am I confusing you? Wait, let me explain a bit.

Miracles can be basically of two kinds- One, totally inexplicable, divine miracles, and two, the miracles of equally surprising nature but brought about by human efforts. This second kind is what I am talking about of creating. Miracles can be created by human efforts too.

A 3 year old, cute girl child fells sick and is diagnosed of some very serious birth defects. India's topmost doctor specialising in that specific area, gives up and says there is only 1% chances of her survival if operated upon. Parents seek foreign consultations. One US doctor gives assurance of success but approximate expenses involved comes out to be around 60 lacs INR!! Parents are from middle class background and they have already spent 2-3 lacs in the child's treatment. What can you expect?? Fact is that, they go on to collect money from public as donations and  after having collected sufficient money they fly to US to have their child treated. By now, more than 90 lacs INR have already been spent, all coming from public donations, and the child is totally fine now. She has even started attending her playschool now. So, what India's topmost doctor  opined to be almost impossible, and even after getting medical assurance, what seemed an impossible task due to the huge expenses required, that impossible looking thing became possible. If this is not a miracle then what it is? This kind of miracle is what I am talking about of creating.

A poor girl goes on a daily working ritual, working in unsafe, untidy, unhiegenic conditions and earning a meagre sum of Rs 100 daily. Suppose now, our organization picks her up, educates her, trains her in some technical education and voila, she starts earning Rs 20000 per month!! Now she lives a healthy life, works with dignity and earns enough. Isn't it a miracle for her? This is precisely the kind of miracle I am talking about.

I would like to spend the extra two hours in creating miracles. Yes, it may sound a bit strange, but really, I would like to create miracles in the lives of other not-so-blessed people.

Its all about how we put our available time to use. If  we use the extra two hours in an intelligent and well planned way, then I am sure lots of big objectives can be achieved. Suppose I decide that I have to provide job oriented training to 10 females from a particular poor locality. The main challenge will be to arrange the fund for doing so. I will rope in our organisation for this. Being a registered organisation, we would be able to apply for grants being provided by many national and international organisations. So I will prepare a well drafted plan and send it to those organisations applying for funds.

Another issue that will need to be taken care of is 'manpower'. If I want to do something really significant, I will need to rope in other like minded people. Spreading words, inspiring others to join the cause will be another major objective. So basically- choose the miracle to be created, think upon how to make it a reality, and then start working on it in a well planned way- these are the things I would like to do in those two hours in my effort to create miracles.

We all know time is very precious, much more precious than money. When a person is in need of help, rather than helping him monetarily if we spend some time trying to spread the word about him and urging others to help, then it will be of much bigger help. Any extra time that we get should be spent judiciously. We can achieve surprising results by putting our time to use in an intelligent and productive way.

If we wish, we can bring about lots of miraculous changes in the lives of people around us. Two hours daily is a good amount of time to do so. Only thing is that we really wish to do so, and I wish to do exactly that- I would like to spend those extra two hours to create miracles in the lives of people around us.

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  1. great will b a miracle if v cud save a life..gud luck..and here s my take -

  2. with great power comes great responsibilties ryt...utilising it for a noble cause is indeed worth it loved the post :)

  3. @Zradar: Yes, miracle if we could save a life and make huge difference to the life of people in need, hope more people like us try to make a difference to the other people's lives. Thanks for your views :)

  4. @maliny: Yeah, very rightly said, great power brings great responsibility with it. Glad to know that you liked my post :)

  5. @debajyotighosh: Heyy Debajyoti, Thanks a lot for the appreciation, I really feel humbled :)

  6. miraculous post. very well penned.

  7. Miracle's Do happen mate... as long as Harshita's Life is concerned... Yes, they Do..
    And People Like You make them happen, You played a Big role in that fund raising campaign...

    Thank You miracle man!

    This is really nice thinking to look for more miracle to happen...

  8. Miracles do happen....if we proceed in that direction with faith & confidence...!!! I am the witness of that miracle with Harshita. Very soon I'll share about one more miracle ....:)
    Very motivating write up Shanti ....I like that spark in you ...Keep it up :)

  9. @Swapnil: Yeah, miracle do happen, not only in case of Harshita but there are many more such stories, stories of survival and struggle, stories where most of people lost hoped and yet something unbelievable happened. Faith, hope, confidence and efforts are a few things which make miracles happen.
    And that- "miracle man"!! Please don't shower me with such big terms, Its really a bit too much for a person like me. Yes, I definitely had played some role in Harshita's case, I had spent not "two hours", but more than 5-6 hours daily in initial days. But still, someone had to do it, and many more persons like me (even much more committed) were involved. Anyway, end result matters, such a mammoth task achieved was no small thing. It was sure a miracle, so I mentioned that here too :)

  10. @NavitaNigam: Thanks a lot Ma'am for going through my post and appreciating it. Yes, as u said, miracle do happen, faith, confidence, hope, efforts, these are the few things needed to make that happen. Yes, Harshita's case was really a unique one, you really played a big part in that, and what to speak of the team of Tj, all words will fail short in their appreciation, may be sometime I will write a detailed post on all the efforts
    that underwent here in India. And do share the other miracle you are talking about, its always inspiring to know about such stories.... Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)

  11. Superbly written. Talk about using a miracle to create miracles eh? God bless you, really :D
    PS, you've written this post amazingly well, it deserves more votes and readers :D

    If you had a few minutes, could you read my entry into the competition? ANd if you like it, give it a vote? I'd appreciate it a lot, every vote'd make a whole lotta difference :)

  12. @Achyuth: Yeah right, "using a miracle to create miracles" :) :) Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)
    And heyy, in this contest votes donot matter, only content and comments matter, but anyway, I will sure have a look at your blog....

  13. Nicely put across. Two examples which we all would have heard many times, but connecting them in this way is a great thing. All the Best, keep blogging...:).

  14. @Prashanth: Yes, very true, we all hear such examples, but sad thing is that we don't learn from it, we don't get inspired from it. Hope more people get inspired and start taking up similar causes. And by the way, the first example is a real one, and in that I was personally involved :) Anyway, Thanks a lot for appreciation and for your wishes :)

  15. What a selfless idea..use time to bring about changes in the lives of people around us for more you give more you get...Brilliant idea. Best of Luck for contest..

  16. @bemoneyaware: Heyy thanks a lot for appreciating :) And yes, very truly said- "the more you give the more you get". And you know what, the best thing that we get is 'inner satisfaction', which is so fulfilling and satisfying. There is a sense of inner happiness which I think won't be obtained in any other way. Serving others, bringing smiles on others' face, what best one can do. I love that really..... Thanks a lot for your wishes :)

  17. nice post. all the best for contest

  18. @AmarNaik: Thanks a lot for appreciation and wishes :)