June 06, 2011

Real Beauty!!

It was a perfect fairy tale dream!! I was still lying in bed thinking about it.

I was in some strange, never-seen region; never seen but pleasantly surprising!! Everything around looked surprisingly beautiful. The surrounding environment looked pleasing, aesthetic and unbelievably natural- devoid of any adverse human interferences. People looked quite simply but neatly dressed. Everybody's faces were beaming with joy and satisfaction. Little kids were playing merrily with their kid friends. A few people were enjoying bath in a nearby waterfall. The environment was intermittently filled with the musical twittering of birds. Snow clad mountains provided a heavenly backdrop to the area. Everything looked so enchanting, so mesmerizing, that I felt myself murmuring -"Ohh woww!! This is what you call beauty!!"

And then I woke up. Lying in bed now, I was having a mental replay of the dream. I tried going back to sleep and continue the journey in the same dream, but it was already dawn and sleep seemed hell bent on evading me. Nature's beauty is just incomparable. Snow decorated mountains, sea beaches, greenery,wild life; everything is Nature's perfect example of beauty. You want to witness real beauty and all you need to do is visit a scenic location and lie there soaking in the beauty of nature. Beauty soothes mind and brings about an aura of serenity with it. Getting the opportunity to lie in the laps of nature is just a heavenly experience.

Human life is another beautiful creation of Nature. But when it comes to beauty in reference to human beings, views varies widely. Most of us use the distorted meaning of beauty. We refer more often to superficial beauty than to the deep meaning behind the word. Beauty comes from within, it's more of an internal thing than an external one. Real beauty is unfading, everlasting and continuously growing. It is associated not with what we see but with what we feel and experience. 
But it's generally taken to be the opposite-the external and superficial, and it's quite obvious too. We humans generally get attracted to people by their external outlook. It's only after we get fully acquainted with the person that we really start loving him. But before that happens, it's the external features that strikes us. Nevertheless,we should understand that it's not the external looks but the nature,attitude and behavior of a person that matters. After all, when we get emotionally attached with a person, it's mainly his nature and behaviour that keep us bonded for long. External,physical beauty is short-lived. Real beauty comes from within and is long-lasting.

Beauty is something which we all love but at the same time find hard to define. It is as abstract as 'Love.' Both are difficult to be defined and written about. Yet, writers after writers go on to write about these mysterious, inexplicable terms. It's always interesting to write on something which is difficult to write yet very closely associated with our day to day lives. Let's hope we get a better understanding of beauty as we advance further in our life.

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