July 08, 2010

Heart, Love and The Life

What is heart? According to medical dictionaries it is a chambered muscular organ that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system. 
Umm… Well.. it is something like blah blah blah.... for a boy like me.

According to me, heart is that single chambered part of body which circulates the feeling of love in one’s life.

Now the question arises that what actually love is? People will again define it in many ways. Some may define it as a pure feeling; some may relate it to sexual requirements. But according to me Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person. This feeling can be towards any person, not only boyfriend or girlfriend. We love our friends, brother, parents….. & our parents love us. When we get out in rain or sun without any protection it makes our parents feel uneasy. When we simply sneeze, our parents start worrying about our health even if it is just simple seasonal cold.

Have you ever thought of those parents whose kids are suffering from some inborn disease or disorder which cannot be cured or which requires lakhs of money to be cured.

This post of mine is dedicated to a very sweet child I came across. I got to know about her through a tweet retweeted by the Great BigB(on his wedding anniversary day). Her name is Harshita Luthra. Date of birth 17th June 2007, 3 years old angel.

When I saw her video I got more curious to know about her. I called her father to know about the matter and then requested him to send all the related documents. Along with those docs, he sent some of her beautiful,adorable pics and then I was compelled to devote my time to save her life.

Doctors say that she is having some problem in her heart. Ummmm.. what they called it.. YES.. VSD (ventricular septal defect).. that means there is some problem with the wall (Ventricular septum) that divides the two chambers of heart. The doctors also said that there is some defect in her pulmonary artery & Aorta.

I don’t understand these medical terms. All I know is that she is having some serious,fatal birth defects in her heart. She is too young to die. And this innocent smiling beauty is not aware of her conditions. Her parents…. Huh…. I don’t have words to explain their condition…

But the good part of the story is that her life can be saved if her parents can arrange 70 LAKH RUPEES for her surgery. This surgery will take place at Childern’s Hospital, Boston. Hmmm.. So there is a ray of hope, isn’t it.. But 70 LAKH RUPEES.. BIG AMOUNT.. especially for a middle class family.. it is BIG BIG AMOUNT.. So now what.. what should we do ..? You all must be thinking that even I don’t have that much  money.. What can I do..? Right..?? Even I don’t have that much money.. But we can't let her die for this reason..

I just want to request all my readers to participate in saving her life.. even donation of 200 rupees each can make a big difference..

Click this link for a Report broadcast on NDTV -

To know all the details about this case (complete documents), plz visit-

I hope.. You will do as much as possible from your side..
For donating money—
Bank Account detail-
Account holder's name-   Amit Luthra
ICICI bank Acc. No.-      001701562005 , Adarsh nagar Branch, Jalandhar,Punjab, 144001 ,
IFSC CODE-                   ICIC0000273
Swift Code For out Country-    ICICINBBXXX

Paypal Account created with the email ID- luthrainbox@gmail.com

You may want to call Harshita's Father on this no.- 09781699996

Thanking You


*DISCLAIMER: This post is not originally written by me. This was actually written by one of my friend. I just modified it a bit and posted it.

*45 lacs INR has been collected in this Campaign, about 15 lacs INR more are required for Post-surgical recovery expenses.
*Today (on 4th August, at 4:30 pm, IST ), Harshita is undergoing her major Heart-Surgery in Boston. Let's hope and pray for her surgery to be successful and her to get well soon.
***Her Operation has been successfully performed by the concerned Doctors there :D (News update as on 5th August at 12:40 am, IST)
**** Harshita has been discharged from the Hospital (Updated as of 11th August, 7 am IST). Now she will remain there for a few weeks more(for regular medical check ups)
*****Harshita's father Mr. Amit Luthra is in USA right now, so you won't be able to reach him on his INDIAN Contact no. given above. You may call him on his USA no.- (001 617 922 4662 ), or, if you are not able to reach him, then for any clarifications/info you may contact me instead.

*******Harshita has been suspected to be suffering from another minor problem. Doctors suspect some problem in her 'mitral valve'. So their stay in USA have been extended by one month. Her next check up is on 20th October. Let's hope for the Best.......
*********The Latest update is that Doctors have confirmed leakages in some parts of her heart. Doctors there have suggested another surgery after about 6 months and she will have to undergo similar surgeries after every 5 years till she turns adult. The parents seem to have been into a long drawn battle to save their daughter. Let's Hope their determined struggle finally bears fruit and Harshita gets perfectly fine in near future.

**Update (as of 23-01-11)- Harshita's dental surgery needs to be done which will be followed by her Heart's surgery in a few months. Large sums of amount needed again. Efforts are on to raise funds for that. You too can contribute for the cause. THANKS